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If your company or organization has a product or service that is targeted on electronics (like kit manufactures, parts and equipment suppliers, gadgets, robotics etc) then we can help you advertise it to your specific audience. Electronics Lab attract a wide range of targeted electronics interested visitors. You can check our traffic statistics here (if you need detailed statistics drop us an email).



  Two banner sizes (468x60 and 152x106) to the positions you see at the right image. Can be image banner or html banner. They appear on every page of the site.

  Static links at the bottom of every page. It seems that they are part of our site but the link drives to your product or site.

  You will have password protected access to your own real-time advertising statistics (only for banners). Find out how many impressions, click-throughs, per-day averages your advertisement has. Click here for screenshoot

  We offer unlimited click-throughs. Flat rate charge. See rates below.

  We offer extremely flexible pricing to suit large and small advertisers. See below

  Your adds will be projected on every page of this site with the same probability with all others.

  If you need other options or further info please contact us





Dimensions  :

468x60 pixels

152x106 pixels

File Format :



File Size :

40 10KB

30 5KB

Animation time (optional) :

any if file size is in the limits, loop ok

any if file size is in the limits, loop ok

* without click through counter, only impression counter

per month (flat rate)

468x60 banner

55 $


152x106 banner

50 $

10% discount on 12 month order or 5% on 6 month order




120x90 spot



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