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10 May 2011

adafruit.com writes:

We’ve been posting here and there about how to make stencils on a laser cutter, techniques for fiducials, and running our pick and place but now we’ll be setting aside mondays as the day you can expect to see us highlight a tip, trick or technique. We’re going to start out with some SMT basics, this mini tutorial is about SMT solder paste refrigeration and how we do it in our shop.

Solder Paste Fridges – [Link]

12 Apr 2011

Mitch Alman, Jeff “Mightyohm” Keyzer, and Andie Nordgren, just released their “Soldering is Easy” comic book. It’s part of a book they are working on that will be published later this year. You can download the comic in PDF format from the Mighty Ohm website. [via]

The comic (and lots more cool stuff!) will be included in a book that Mitch and I are writing about How to Make Cool Things with Microcontrollers (For People Who Know Nothing). It will be published by No Starch Press later this year.

Soldering is Easy Comic Book – [Link]

30 Mar 2011

Rohit writes: [via]

Ultrakeet.com has got some pretty cool tutorials on solder masking using kapton tape, SMD removal, building a capacitive discharge spot welder, and a bunch of other things on their ‘articles‘ page

Solder-masking using Kapton tape – [Link]

22 Mar 2011

adafruit.com writes:

Most TFT LCDs come with FPC cables that are meant to be soldered directly to the PCB. They do this since it’s cheaper than using an external connector, but it might seem a bit tough to solder them by hand.

Manually soldering 1.0mm FPC cables – [Link]

10 Feb 2011

Herctrap always sends us videos that he stumbles upon. This time, he sent us this home-made device, for SMD parts re-working and -perhaps- soldering as well. I really did not know this technique, so i think that, although i there is not any How-to info from the maker (dammitdarrell) which is always disappointing, this is a nice idea for those who work with SMDs. The make is very simple, the PID controller is a commercial type with input for a thermocouple (K-type most probably). Two 300w cartage heaters are used to heat the aluminum block, controlled by a relay. Notice that the relay sparks upon arming, which means that either you need to use a solid state relay, or a bigger load relay. The heated plate will pre-heat the PCB to work with SMDs easier. [via]

DIY PID-controlled soldering hotplate – [Link]

16 Jan 2011

This article discuss how to solder SMT components using simple tools. Your soldering iron should be regulated, it should have a suitable tip and it should have some power. 15-20 Watt is fine. Read more on the link below.

SMT Soldering Tutorial – [Link]

10 Dec 2010

This project shows how to use a frypan for surface mount soldering. It uses a thermistor sensor to measure the frypan temperature and a solid state relay to control it. The overall device is controlled by an Arduino. To gain fine control of temperature the relay is controlling the heating element on and off. It’s something like low-frequency Pulse Width Modulation.  [via]

Computer-controlled frypan for surface mount soldering – [Link]

20 Sep 2010

This project shows how to control the temperature of a soldering hotplate by using a proportional integral controller (PID) module. The plate is capable of reaching 500F, hot enough for reflow soldering. A thermocouple is used to monitor the temperature of the plate. There is also a PID Controlled Solder Paste Fridge to maintain its shelf life.

PID Controlled Soldering Hotplate – [Link]

15 Sep 2010

This project shows how to build a temperature controlled soldering iron based on Atmega8 microcontroller. With this soldering iron you can set the desired temperature with two push buttons. Otherwise you can use three preset temperature buttons. Check schematic on the link below.

DIY Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron – [Link]

4 Sep 2010

We came across this USB soldering iron over make blog and thought it will be interesting to post about. This soldering iron is plugged in two USB ports because it draws lot of power. After plugged in it heat up in 20sec and maintains enough heat to solder your gadgets. Getlofi sells them for about $25. Main features are:

  • Precision Tip, Ultra Portable
  • USB Port or 9 Volt Battery power via included cables!
  • Heats up in less than 20 Sec
  • On-Off Switch
  • Bright LED
  • Cleaning sponge

USB soldering iron – [Link]





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