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12 May 2014


Alan Parekh @ hackedgadgets.com bought a photo-switch on ebay and takes a look inside.  He writes:

I spotted this photoswitch on eBay and had to take a look at the guts (search photoswitch if the link doesn’t work since eBay links go stale after a short time). I now see that the same unit is sold in multiple variations which are 24V and 220V. Not sure I would feel safe with 220 on this thing though. I am curious if the 10 ohm resistor is the only difference between the versions. If someone has one of the other versions leave a comment to let us know what the difference is. These are selling for $3.39 which included free shipping from China to Canada! Hard to believe how tilted the scales are here, I wouldn’t be able to ship this within my city for $3.39. The unit is powered from 12 volts AC or DC, it also switches the same power to the third output wire when activated. The circuit is using a 555 for operation. When the photocell goes from light to complete darkness the relay activates in 3 or 4 seconds. You can view full resolution images here.

eBay Photoswitch Teardown – [Link]

8 Jun 2011

A cheap manual suction pen for handling SMD parts: [via]

Ah and wrt “suction pen” – I made the syringe with vacuum pump and it works but I don’t like it, I found then for 3.5$ a working device that does not require power and works like a charm 😀 I strongly suggest everyone get one

Vacuum sucking pen for SMD parts – [Link]

25 Sep 2008

Sure-Electronics sells a nice Luxeon led driver board capable of delivering 700mA to up to 5 luxeon leds in series. The board is priced at 9.99 USD. Check this out.

Preset Current: 700mA, it may vary from 690-710mA.
Current Ripple: 14mA RMS, 76mA p-p.
Maximum Input Voltage: 25V DC.
Suggested Input Voltage: 6-24V DC.
Efficiency: 78% @ 14V input, 3*3W Luxeon LEDs in serial connection.

3W Luxeon LED Driver – [Link]

25 Sep 2008

Want 600lm of true light power form a single led (actually a led cluster)?  Check out this powerfull led found on ebay. It’s priced for 25.99 USD and free international shipping.


  • Lens Color : Water Clear
  • Emitted Color : white
  • Intensity Typ. : 600Lm
  • Viewing Angle : 160°
  • Forward Voltage : 12V
  • Forward Current : 1000mA

10W White LED – 600lm – [Link]

18 Jan 2008


frickelkram writes:

This instructable describes how to mount a VU meter into a case of an old cd-rom drive and then put it into your pc.
On eBay I bought a bunch of VU meters based on VFD displays build in Russia. The displays where rather cheap and looked nice. I thought I’d give it a try.

When the vu meters arrived I realized that on all devices there was one transistor missing. To make them work again you need to “repair” the vu meter … don’t panic you can easily solder a substitute transistor onto the pcb.

Building a VU meter for you multimedia PC – [Link]

8 Dec 2007



Want to make your own led candles but worry how to make them flicker like real candles? This little board will get you out of trouble. Just connect your led and battery and your led start to flick right away. It works in voltage range 2.6V to 4.5V. PCB size is 16mm x 16mm. Price is 2$ for 10 little boards without shipping. Time to make your own safe candles.

LED Candle Light Processor IC – Flicker – [Link]

7 Dec 2007


Asia Engineer on ebay has a very nice series of Aluminum Project Boxes at prices starting from 5.99$. Various sizes are available ready to house your next project. They seems very good quality boxes.

[Ebay] Nice Aluminum Project Box – [Link]

27 Nov 2007


That’s a very nice square dot red led display found on ebay. Forward Voltage = 1.8V ~ 2V DC, Maximum Forward Current  = 20mA.

[Ebay] 5*7 square dot-matrix LED display – [Link]

27 Nov 2007




Here is a really cool item!!! These are new high resolution full color led display modules that were manufactured for the gaming industry to be used in slot machines and other similar gadgets. These displays are comprised of a 24 x 72 matrix of tri-color leds…that’s 1728 3.6mm rbg leds. The leds are spaced 5mm on center…as far as led displays go, that’s pretty tight.

[Ebay] 24X72 matrix RBG Led display – [Link]





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