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28 May 2014


Open CPU concept at the Quectel M85 GSM module opens new possibilities in simplification of a design, as a part of system resources can be used for an application.

For a usage of GSM/ GPRS module in a target device we usually need also an external microcontroller, which controls the module itself and an overall communication and it also usually controls other parts of your device. The OpenCPU concept at the Quectel M85 module takes this approach so to say “from the opposite side” and enables to use a part of system resources of the module for your own program. In result it means, that no external MCU is necessary what naturally saves production costs and also a PCB space.

Attached picture illustrates difference between a standard configuration (GSM module + MCU) and the OpenCPU configuration. M85 module already supports also various new standards like eCall/Era-Glonass, M85 OpenCPU support a free GCC compiler (Sorcery CodeBench Lite ARM EABI) and also ARM RVCT. For a development and editing of software can be used several tools like Source Insight and Microsoft Visual Studio. M85 module system resources mainly consist of CPU 32-BIT ARM7EJ-STM RISC 104MHz and memory (64Mb Flash + 32Mb RAM), 640KB is a free space for „App image bin“, 2MB RAM for an application SW and 1MB for files and data.

Closer insight about this interesting system will give you the „Quectel M85 OpenCPU” presentation. Quectel provides various tools, application notes and examples for the OpenCPU system. Upon request, we´ll send you a detailed documentation by an e-mail. All that is necessary is to express your interest in a form below this article.

With the M85 module you don’t need a host MCU – [Link]

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