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12 May 2015


by Susan Nordyk:

Novelda offers two noncontact sensor modules—one for monitoring respiration and the other for detecting human presence at a range of up to several meters— for use in home automation, sleep monitoring, baby monitoring, and elderly care applications. Both sensors employ the company’s XeThru technology, which uses radio waves to “see through” a variety of objects, including lightweight building materials and blankets.

The XeThru X2M200 sensor module for respiration monitoring measures both the rate and depth of breathing to allow breathing patterns to be tracked in real time. With a sensor range of 0.5 m to 2.5 m, the X2M200 provides a reliable but nonintrusive way to monitor respiration and movement, capturing breathing patterns and frequency without being blocked by blankets or other obstacles.

Noncontact sensors monitor respiration and movement – [Link]





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