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5 Jan 2014


Xeno Lithium batteries offer high capacity at extremely low self-discharge and are able to supply your device for many years.

Primary Lithium batteries (Lithium thionyl-chloride, LiSOCl2) represent batteries with the highest energy density (Wh/kg), moreover able to operate without problems even in strong frosts. Perhaps their only technical “drawback” is the fact, that they´re only suitable for appliances with low current demands (up to tens of mA). However this “drawback” is already considerably overcome, because with modern components it´s easily possible to design devices with miliWatts power consumption. In principle are the Lithium primary (non-rechargeable) batteries suitable for backup (for example memories) and for power supplying devices with low power consumption, where it´s possible to reach even more than 10 years lifetime. This is naturally a huge benefit, as it enables to construct a device fully independent from external power supply, or without necessity of an external power supply and similar. At the same time it will also eliminate necessity to use an adapter or further electric installation.

These Lithium batteries operate on a principle of reaction Li+SOCl2. Arrising LiCl film on an anode has insulating properties. It provides excellent storage properties and energy preservation, because this passivation layer blocks auto reaction of Li+SOCl2 (self-discharging). Properties of Lithium batteries are also affected by the way and the length of stocking, and it´s possible, that after loading a battery, a short-time voltage drop will occur because of this passivation layer. Maximum capacity usage can be reached at a certain range of discharge currents (according to a diagram at every battery type). If a Lithium battery is intended to supply circuits with a short-time pulse demands, it´s very suitable to use a large capacitor or a supercapacitor connected in parallel with a battery. A capacitor in these cases will supply a bigger energy amount for a fraction of time and from the battery point of view a circuit then appears as one with significantly lower power consumption peaks. This contributes significantly to a maximum capacity usage and it´s also beneficial for a device itself thanks to minimum voltage drop at pulse power consumption.

Nominal voltage of LiSOCl2 batteries is 3,6V and a big advantage is a wide operating temperature range -55 to +85°C (max 150°C). Company Xeno Energy is a producer specializing in Lithium batteries and as one of few in the world they an ISO13485 certification for usage of batteries in medical devices. Further information will provide you the Xeno short form catalogue as well as detailed datasheets of Xeno batteries. In the Xeno production portfolio can also be found special batteries with a higher pulse capacity and type for extra high temperatures -55 to +130°C.

10 years of operation on 1 battery? – [Link]

3 Jan 2014


Modern DC/DC controllers from company Infineon, like TLF51801ELV manage even big challenges.

Perhaps everyone knows, that modern switch-mode power supplies are able to efficiently convert voltage and to replace linear power supplies. Features of ready-made DC/DC modules as well as SMPS controllers themselves are still better and nowadays it´s no problem to construct a 10A power supply on a small area. It is necessary to say, that for the most of applications it´s more advisable to use a ready-made module with proven features, developed by specialists in a given segments, like for example modules from company Traco. Despite this, there are surely many applications, where from several reasons it´s beneficial to use an own design. Offer of controllers for switch-mode power supplies is wide and this time we´d like to introduce you a modern step-down (buck) controller TLF51801ELV from company Infineon.

TLF51801 is interesting mainly by its overall „robustness“, because it´s directly designed for a construction of power supplies with a high output current (up to approx. 10A), what is also reflected in the MosFET drivers sizing, integrated soft start, under- and over-voltage protection, temperature protection, possibility of current limit setting and another features. Very beneficial is also a duty cycle of up to 99% enabling operation with a minimum difference (dropout) between input and output voltage.

TLF51801 is designed as a controller with a voltage feedback requiring 2 external N-FET transistors sized for a desired output current. Current monitoring (via pins SenseLow+SenseHigh) can be done through external sensing (shunt) resistor or with an advantage of a higher overall efficiency even an internal resistance of an FET transistor (RDSon). TLF5180 can operate in a wide range of input voltages 4,75-45V and at frequencies of 100-700kHz, while the clock frequency can be synchronized to an external clock. The circuit can be easily switched off via the “En” pin (enable), when it consumes only 2uA. An integrated thermal protection switches off the circuit at exceeding 175°C and switches on again (+SoftStart) after cooling down to 160°C.

The circuit TLF51801ELV is a brand new type and it will be soon available upon order. Detailed information will provide you the TLF51801ELV datasheet.

10A with 96% efficiency … no problem for TLF51801 – [Link]

28 Dec 2013


The solution is an embedded module. Swedish company Embedded Artists will help you in tit by their top-class modules with NXP processors.

Embedded modules are still more used in many products, where so far a classic microcontroller was sufficient. As requirements for functionality of devices are increasing, including audio/video output, network- and USB connectivity, as well as a possibility to be programmed by a user, to change firmware, etc, the development is more and more demanding. For small and middle-sized companies it can easily happen, that in respect to a supposed sale, the expenses will never return. In the most cases, it´s better and at the end of the day even cheaper to rely on some of so called embedded modules. An embedded module (depending on a type) usually provides all necessary for controlling of our device and it is usually easily programmable thanks to a standard OS implemented (Linux, Android, Windows,…).

Embedded Artists products are based on top-class NXP processors LPC with Cortex M0, Cortex M3 and Cortex M4 cores, but also on older ARM7. As Embedded Artists have a closed cooperation with NXP (they are an NXP certified partner), they have an excellent knowledge of these perspective chips. Among

Embedded Artists can be found:

  • development kits
  • OEM boards suitable for direct usage in products
  • “quick-start” boards
  • education boards
  • display boards
  • various accessories for development support

From a final product and production point of view, the most interesting are the OEM modules. Embedded Artists provides a wide support to their products and for example notes for usage of OEM modules in praxis can be found in the OEM Integration guide. An example of a price calculation – decision “own development or an embedded module” is illustrated in the attached picture. Many Embedded Artists products are in our stock ready for immediate shipment. We´re able to deliver you any other Embedded Artists product with a short leadtime.

Long development or better a short time to market? – [Link]

22 Dec 2013


Flat displays of the EA DOG series are now available even with a bigger resolution or with more characters.

EADOG series is familiar to many of you and probably it´s your favorite one from these main reasons:

  • displays are unusually flat (thin)
  • the have a very low power consumption of 100-s uA (without backlight)
  • wide possibilities of backlight, monochrome and also RGB
  • some types are well legible even without backlight
  • simple communication through 4/8 bit or SPI interface and newly even I2C

So far, types with up to 128x64px or 3×16 characters were available. The most recent additions to the EADOG family are bigger types with resolution of 160x104px (EADOGXL160), 240x64px (EADOGM240), 240x128px (EADOGXL240) and 4×20 characters (EADOGM204) and appropriate backlight modules EALED66x40, EALED94x40 and EALED94x67. Also these new types maintain a low profile – only 5.8 or 6.5mm with backlighting. A positivity is that even these new types are based on standard LCD controllers.

A guide at a choice of a suitable combination of display +backlight will provide you the application described in our article – Start with the EA DOG displays for free.

EA DOG displays with a minimal power consumption now available in bigger sizes – [Link]

19 Dec 2013


Software simulator for Electronic Assembly display EA DOG series will bring you a clear image about possibilities of this favorite series. 

Usually, when we start working with some monochromatic display with a color backlight, we have to imagine which combination of display/ backlight would suit us the best. It isn´t hard but for sure even here is valid, that “it´s better to see once than to hear three times”.

For this purpose will serve well a simple application StartDog, in which you can “try” for free various EA DOG series displays in combination with various color backlight (including RGB). This application will simplify you choice of a display without useless expenses. Besides a possibility to choice types themselves (with various resolution), it´s also possible to choose 4 basic kinds of “glasses”: STN positive Y/G, STN negative blue,  FSTN positive and FSTN negative.
Application StartDog also cooperates with the EA9780-2USB development board and so the text or image displayed on your PC can be seen also on the EA DOG series display.

Detailed information will provide you the EA DOG flyer and the EA9780 user manual.
In case of interest in the EA9780 development board abd the EA DOG series displays, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Start with the EA DOG displays for free – [Link]

18 Dec 2013


56 years of experience, 40 000 standard stock products and 1000 patents reflect in quaility and a wide portfolio of German company LappKabel.

There are many producers of wires, leads and cables, but despite it, company LappKabel belongs to one of the most renowned. What´s the cause? Exceptional place on the market started in 50-s, when company LappKabel started as the first in this segment to name its products (Olflex). Together with high and stable quality, LappKabel has gradually become one of the biggest cable producers in the world.

Cables from Lapp Kabel are widely used in various industry segments like for example food industry (Coca-Cola), tire production (Continental), marine and ports infrastructure (Hamburg), chemical industry, solar and wind energy,…

Quality of copper (cleanness, oxygen content,..) and quality of insulation, stable diameter of a conductor and of insulation in every production batch, alignment of wires and insulation,… all these are factors influencing final properties of cables and in case of products from LappKabel we get the best available level. A common feature of LappKabel products is also an excellent quality for a reasonable price.

Among LappKabel products can be found not only interconnecting and controlling cables (Olflex) but also cables and systems for data transmission (ETHERLINE and UNITRONIC), industrial conectors (EPIC), systems for cable protection (SILVYN), optical systems (HITRONIC), cable vývodky (SKINTOP), marking systems, tools and various other accessories.

The newest addition in our stock are universal flexible leads 0,5/ 0,75 and 1,0 mm2, suitable for any installations in devices.

In regard to a huge portfolio of company LappKabel we keep in stock only a few selected types of LappKabel cables but upon order we´re able to deliver you any LappKabel product in a short leadtime. A help at the cable choice will give you the Lapp Cable Guide.

If a cable, then the Lapp cable – [Link]

17 Dec 2013


Multifunctional gas soldering tool will help you at many various applications like: soldering, melting, hot-cutting, welding and woodburning (pyrography)…

This quality gas soldering tool provides a freedom of usage for example outdoor and everywhere where no electricity is available. But DREMEL 2000 VersaTip isn´t only a gas soldering tool with adjustable temperature. It is a multifunctional tool, which you can use, thanks to 6 exchangeable tips, for technical and also creative works like: soldering, melting, hot-cutting, welding and woodburning (pyrography), bending of metals, application of heat shrinkable insulations, releasing of junctions locked by an anaerobic sealant (bearings and screws) and many other.

DREMEL VersaTip can be easily and quickly refilled by a widely available liquid butane (the same as used in lighters) and it has a safety lock mechanism against an accidental turn-on. Detailed description will provide you the VersaTip Instruction Manual.

The multifunctional gas soldering tool VersaTip 2000JA can be gained with a free gift now – with the 12in1 multitool – it is only necessary to order item no. 131739.


  • DREMEL® VersaTip
  • Soldering Tip
  • Cutting Knife
  • Hot Knife
  • Flat Wide Flame Head
  • Reflector
  • Hot Blower Head
  • Soldering Tin with Blue Cap
  • Soldering Sponge + sponge box
  • Wrenches: 1 x 7 mm, 1 x 8 mm

Gas soldering tool DREMEL 2000 VersaTip now with a gift! – [Link]

26 Oct 2013


Over 60 years of experiences of German company EBM-PAPST in the fans development reflects in an uncompromising quality of products.

It may sound like a phrase, but to rely on a quality is almost always worth – mainly because of overall savings. Long lifetime and energy efficiency will at the end of the day reflect into lower operation expenses. Quality materials sophisticated construction, precise bearings and results from long-term tests say in favor of EBM-Papst fans. EBM-PAPST has in its testing laboratories 1500 operating fans and there can be even found fans continuously operating from 80´s (!). EBM-Papst is quite stringent regarding a declared lifetime and in comparison to other producers it declares „less optimistic” values, as illustrated on an enclosed picture. It means, that if we compare 2 fans from various producers with similar features, it´s very probable that the type from EBM-Papst will have a higher real lifetime. In the EBM-Papst portfolio can be found practically all types of fans and blowers, from smallest to massive industrial ones, axial, radial (centrifugal), diagonal a tangential. The most of fans is also available in a version resistant to dust and water with IP54. EBM-Papst is a pioneer in the development of energetically efficient fans with a significantly lower power consumption and a quieter operation, for example the ACmaxx and GreenTech_EC series.

EBM-Papst portfolio is very wide, that´s why we keep in stock only a few most wanted types and any other type we´re able to provide you upon request. To the standard stock items we newly added also the type 7056ES – AC fan with of a 150mm diameter. 7056ES is a well proven powerful type with a ball bearing and an all-metal construction. Precise ball bearings SINTEC feature a constant low noise during all the lifetime and a low sensitivity to impacts. 27W motor contains an external capacitor and a thermal fuse against overload. High air flow – 330m3/hr, i.e. over 90 litres per second make this type a universal choice for ventilation of various spaces or cooling of electronics and similar.

Detailed information will provide you the 7056ES datasheet as well as overview of axiálnych AC fans and compact fans from EBM Papst.

Fans able to operate continuously for 30 years – [Link]

16 Oct 2013


New 6W DC/DC module series TEN5 won´t be scared neither of a very fluctuating input voltage, that´s why it´s ideal even for battery-operated applications.

Series TEN5 is a well proven reliable series of insulating DC/DC modules with a fixed output voltage, in case of TEN5-2411WI it is 5V. TEN5 series is available in so to say “basic” version with a 2:1 input voltage range and also in this „WI – wide input“ version, with a 4:1 ratio. In the most of cases, it´s probably possible to choose an appropriate type, for example TEN5-1211 with an input voltage of 9-18V, which is for example ideal for 12V applications with Pb accumulators (SLA). However namely for the mobile applications it can be beneficial, if a given device could be powered also by for example 24V, used in cargo trucks.

TEN5-2411WI with an input voltage of 9-36V and 5V/1A output is suitable this new type from our stock offer. Besides mentioned wide range of input voltages it also features a good efficiency (79% typ.) and excellent regulation at a change of input and/or load. Enhanced operating temperatures range (-40 to +85°C) and resistance to a continuous shortcut make it suitable even for demanding applications. Also useful is the built-in filter to meet EN55022 Class A and FCC level A. Metal shielded package in a standard DIP-24 package with an insulated base plate simplifies PCB design and also assembly to a PCB. In the TEN5 series can be found 2 versions: with input voltages of 9-36V or 18-75VDC with various output voltages, including symmetrical ones.

Detailed information can be found in the TEN5-WI datasheet.

TEN5-2411WI – don´t be limited by an input voltage – [Link]

14 Oct 2013


Inrush current, effective power, power factor, harmonic distortion, … all these and other parameters handles CM8 with easiness.

Clamp multimeters are often used mainly thanks to their ability to measure AC (and even DC) current even without a disconnection of a wire. But it´s only one basic feature, which more sophisticated devices can use even for another purposes, like comfortable measuring of power and power factor. Benning CM8 is a device able to provide detailed information regarding power conditions in a measured circuit and measure much more than usual clamp meters, for example:

● measuring of inrush current

● measuring of effective power in 4 ranges – 4/40/400/600 kW + calculation of a power factor in a full range -1,00…0…+1,00

● VAC true RMS in a frequency range of 45-500Hz, high accuracy up to a crest factor of 3

● harmonic distortion with 0,1% resolution and sensitivity up to 25-th harmonic (ACV, ACA)

● measuring of DC current up to 600A (0.1A resolution)

It can be said, that Benning CM8 is a device, with which it´s possible to check even large circuits and for example find possible source of defects and similar. Thanks to a measurement of inrush current it´s able to give a real information about a load of a circuit and thus for example to give an information, whether it´s possible to add another device into a given circuit etc.

Detailed information about the CM8 will give you the Benning CM8 user guide and an overview of Benning measuring and testing devices.

Top class multimeter Benning CM8 examines even motors – [Link]





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