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Temperature Controlled PC FAN
author: Peter Birkett - petegrimsby1986gmail.com

This project is a temprerature controller for a PC FAN. It regulates the speed of the FAN attached to it according to measured temperature. Temperature is sensed using a simple NTC thermistor.


In most PCs the fan runs constantly, which may not be necessary. A simple circuit can regulate the fan speed according to temperature. This not only saves energy, it also reduces fan noise. Only three components are needed to allow the fan speed to be controlled according to the actual temperature: one adjustable voltage regulator (LM317T) and two resistors that form a voltage divider. One of the resistors is a NTC thermistor (temperature-sensitive resistor), while the other is a normal resistor.



Components list

- 1X LM317T
- 1X 100K POTENTIOMETER 3296W 3296
- 1X 15K NTC
- 1X 100UF 16V Capacitor
- 2X Latching Pin Headers 0.1" Pitch 3 Way

This pcb has been designed so you can use a single resistor or a 100k potentiomiter, i recommend using the 100k pot as this is far much easyer to fine tune this device for your needs.






Download Project files (Fritzing)

Download PCB Gerber files

Download Etchable PDF files

Download Etchable SVG files




120x90 spot



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