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+/-12V Dual Power Supply
author: Rajkumar Sharma

This project is a solution to power up most of devices or projects requiring dual (+/-12V) power supply.


Symmetric +/-12 VDC power supply has been designed for audio applications, can power up microphone pre-amplifier, audio buffers, audio mixer, distributions amplifier, headphone amplifier, VU meter and few o other equipment or projects required dual supply.

Mains supply input 240 VAC
Step Down Transformer 15-0-15V AC @ 350mA.
Output +/- 12 VDC Dual, 350 mA
Regulated Low ripple DC output
Earth connection for chassis ground
Onboard regulator for stable supply
Dual output LED indication
Supply input & output via screw terminal connector
Dual unregulated output +/- 22 VDC via berg connector


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Parts List

PCB Design

PCB top layer


PCB bottom layer




120x90 spot



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